Video Wall Installation in Your Office

video wall australia

Video wall Australia – Australia has been a leading video display country for years, but a recent move to add an interactive video wall to a major shopping centre in Sydney has caused a storm. In a video wall installation, video and image processing is done by an external video wall control. This is because the current technology used in most video walls (such as LED, LCD, and LCD projector cubes) are more susceptible to being ‘washed out’ by bright sunlight.

Video Wall Installation

One of the biggest challenges faced when video wall installations are used for commercial purposes is the issue of image fidelity. When the video image is played on a screen in an auditorium, it is likely to appear much larger and more intense than it would appear in a normal television set. If this is the case then the audience will be more focused on the images and will be less attentive to the audio that they are hearing, causing the visual illusion of distance between the speaker and audience. To combat this problem, video wall technology now allows for split screens, where multiple views can be displayed simultaneously on different screens.

There are many advantages to using a video wall in your office, store or other business premises. Not only does it give your customers or potential customers the option of watching the video on one screen, it also means you do not have to waste your time explaining to your staff the benefits of online shopping. It is also an excellent way to save on space, since the video images cannot be too large. Also, when the video wall is integrated with other technology such as sound and music, it adds to the overall ambience of the building, which can be enhanced further by adding audio equipment such as a CD player or speakers. In short, you are able to create a completely seamless video and audio experience that give customers a completely new experience.

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