Top 5 Best Places For Gun Clay Shooting in Melbourne

clay shooting melbourne

Whether you’re looking for an ideal place to visit alone or with your group, or just with some friends, there’s no better place to visit than Melbourne. The reason why it’s such a good place for clay shooting is because it has everything that clay shooting location needs. This includes beautiful scenery, friendly people and even a variety of sporting activities. So whether you’re looking for gun clay shooting melbourne, paint balling, hunting or any other type of clay shooting activity, you can find it in Melbourne.

How to Find Best Places For Gun Clay Shooting in Melbourne

In this article we have listed the top 5 best clay shooting spots in Melbourne. Not only do we have listed the best places in Melbourne for both gun clay shooting and paint balling, we have also listed the places which are rated the best for their terrain and facilities. So no matter what type of clay shooting, paint balling, hunting or any other type of Clay shooting activity you may be interested in; you can find it in Melbourne.

One of the places we recommend for gun clay shooting is Kmart clay arena. It’s located at Deception Bay in Melbourne and is rated as one of the best locations for clay shooting. There is a whole lodge that you can rent if you want to try the clay shooting programs that are offered there, and many other activities and events to keep you busy while you are there. The lodge offers a wide range of activities for all ages and skill levels including the pistol practice, clay tournament, clay gun shooting and much more. If you are planning on going to the Melbourne area for your next clay shooting event, we highly recommend you taking a trip to Kmart clay arena to check it out for yourself.

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