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Model paints Australia is a well known and respected online business, offering a wide range of professional and creative painting techniques. Their wide selection of paints for use includes latex, oil, acrylic and other water resistant finishes, making them ideal for every type of model builder from hobbyists to commercial model painters. They offer an extensive line of pre-painted kits for use in new and existing projects, as well as specialty paints and brushes that can be used for certain applications. If you want to buy any of the products they offer, you must first register an account with them. This is easy to do, simply create an account on their website and follow the easy instructions to set up your own personal account, and after doing so, you will be able to shop and buy online from their safe and secure website.

model paints australia

Quality Model Paints

Model paints Australia is one of the top-selling suppliers of paint and finishing substances to hobbyists all over the world. Their wide selection of paints includes both acrylic and latex, along with many other types of finishes ranging from flat and gloss, rustic and antique, fluorescent and metallic, faux and real wood, brass and aluminum, bronze and copper, and so much more. The wide variety offered enables you to create and color coordinate both your models and props to make your final creation look like a true representation of professionalism and accuracy. Painting Australian made products offer the greatest value for money, as you are able to buy exactly what you need to get started and then expand your collection as and when your hobby becomes more established. You will save money by buying in bulk, reducing packaging and shipping costs, and saving on tax and duty. Australian retailers also benefit from the lower exchange rate compared to those in the United States and United Kingdom and can purchase large quantities of paint at much cheaper rates than those in Europe.

Australian model paints are made with the same quality and consistency as those available in the U.S. and UK, making them a great choice for model builders all around the world. Different products have different application procedures, ensuring the application is perfect for every model type and texture. Australian products have been made using the latest manufacturing techniques that ensure longevity and consistency of application. This quality and consistency are part of what has made Australian made model paints one of the most popular choice among hobbyists.

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