Epoxy Flooring Benefits – A Quick Review

What exactly is epoxy flooring anyway? Epoxy flooring is essentially a special engineered floor surface material that has grown increasingly popular over the past decade or so. When a concrete floor is prepared and smoothed, an industrial resin and an emulsifying chemical are combined together. The chemical reaction will create a tough, durable plastic coating over several days to months. Epoxy is also frequently added to concrete floors to provide an additional level of durability and longevity.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits – A Quick Review

So what kinds of surfaces can be treated with epoxy flooring, and why is it used for so many different things? One of the most common applications of this kind of flooring is garage floors, or concrete slabs. Because concrete floors are usually pretty much just a large slab laid in a parking lot or other public place, most of the time these floors get lots of wear and tear. In fact, if your garage were to remain standing, it would probably need to be repaired at least twice over the next decade! Epoxy flooring provides a highly effective way to protect against all of this damage, because it provides a clear coating over the concrete.

Another very common application of epoxy flooring involves indoor floors. One thing that’s nice about these floors is that they can be customized to match almost any decor, from modern or contemporary looks to more classic or antique styles. One thing that’s also nice about this kind of flooring is that it provides an incredibly strong barrier against the elements, protecting your floor from rain, snow, hail, etc. If you’ve ever been inside a house that has an indoor floor, then you know that sometimes things do get broken or damaged on the floor. Epoxy resin flooring provides a strong, durable barrier that will help to protect your floor even when it’s been broken or damaged, which can make a real difference in both safety and durability.

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