Computer Repairs Franston

Computer repairs often involve replacing a malfunctioning component, upgrading the hardware, or diagnosing a fault in the existing hardware. In order to keep the website up and running efficiently every time there is an increase in traffic a technician will most likely diagnose a problem with the server and make any necessary upgrades. If the hard drive dies the computer technician will also need to upgrade the storage capacity of the hard drive or will have to create a new one on-site. In some cases the technician will need to install/install upgraded software on the end-user’s computer to resolve the problem.

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Computer repairs can also involve repairing a laptop that has been infected with malware such as spyware or viruses. Malware can cause the security of the laptop to be compromised, render the laptop unusable, or steal personal information from the laptop such as password information or credit card numbers. Computer Repairs technicians are also responsible for making sure that the company’s firewall is working correctly and is blocking all unauthorized websites from accessing the company’s network. Computer repairs technicians also help the company’s network administrators block malicious Internet applications.

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