Marathon Watches

The face of many modern marathon watches is dominated by the ingenious idea of using a patented light-up display lens. This “luminous component” projects an image directly onto the face of the watch, so that any dark area visible in normal light is illuminated at all times. This type of feature is especially useful for night hiking, fishing, boating, running, etc. In fact, night running has become so popular lately that there are even specialized night running watch models available. This type of watch can turn any runner’s watch into an “adequate lighting device.”

Some Reasons Why They Are So Popular

marathon watches

A distinguishing characteristic of recent Marathon watches is the use of tritium(H3) light tubes inside their dials and bezel. The effect is an even luminous glow which makes these watches highly legible even in total darkness. Whether on a long hike in the forest, at night on the beach, or simply on your bedside table, an Marathon watch is always clear. This feature has been of particular benefit to military and peace keeping personnel operating in potentially hostile areas where light may be an issue; the red dot makes it easy to see even in poor light conditions.

The luminous property of marathon watches also extends to the bezel surrounding the dial and bezel of most models. The high intensity pulsed light produced by the tritium tubes inside the face of the watch adds a dazzling brightness to this part of the watch. Although the luminous property may not be as bright as that of a welding torch, the effect is still highly impressive. The use of tritium tubes has also lead to the somewhat unusual coloration of many marathon watches. The tubes themselves come in several shades of blue, green, white and black; these colors make the dial and bezel look almost like they are glistening with liquid.