Playing the France Loto Lottery

The FranceLoto is a very popular lottery in France. The draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday and a large number of players look forward to it. The winning jackpot is 24 million euros and the lottery has a history of winning. One lucky player has won the prize by correctly predicting all five numbers. Whether you want to play for fun or for a larger amount, you can find a game to fit your budget.

The Secret Of Successful Playing The France Loto Lottery

France loto

The France Loto is played three times a week and players select 5 numbers from one to 49 and one lucky number from one to ten. The jackpot grows each week by EUR1 million. In 2005, the lottery contributed over EUR2.3 billion to the public purse. The game has 7 tiers of prizes and the advertised jackpot is won by the winner. The winner will receive the advertised jackpot without any prize categories. The game can be played by anyone who has a French passport.

Unlike other lottery games, France Loto has tax-free prizes. Those who win the lottery in France will get the prize for free. Players outside the country must pay taxes. However, if they choose to use a lottery agent, their winnings are paid as a lump sum. They cannot be paid in installments. Because of this, the game is a very attractive option for those who are interested in trying their luck.