What is a Customs Clearance Broker?

Customs clearance refers to the legal process whereby the duty on imported goods is assessed before being released into the country. This is very important when considering whether to import a particular product. As per law, when goods are imported they have to be declared with a special certificate from the Customs clearance broker. This process is undertaken by the Customs clearance agents who examine the goods thoroughly for any import documentation which may be required. Once they have assessed the validity of the imported goods, the customs clearance agent verifies the amount of duty to be paid and issues a certificate.

Customs clearance primarily involves the analysis of the import documentation and the value of the products. The Customs Clearance brokers examine the documents submitted by the exporter for international validation as well as to assess the value of the items on the Commercial invoice. The Commercial invoice is issued by the Customs clearance agent on receipt of an export declaration. Based on this declaration, the duty on the imported goods is calculated and the amount is issued as an invoice to the importer. After getting a complete detailed report, the Customs clearance agent verifies whether the duties are calculated on the right basis and also issues an export certificate. After obtaining the certificate, it’s time to clear the goods.

The custom clearance brokers take care of all the paper work involved in the procedure. They do all the paper work for you including calculating the duty, issuing export certificates, and the payment of duties. This helps in simplifying the procedures and allows you to focus your time and effort on managing the goods. All you have to do is to submit the paperwork and wait for the clearance agent to process your case. Once the paperwork is done and you are satisfied with their work, you can clear your goods through the customs clearance process.